Decorating Your Home?

Looking for an interior decorator for your residential project? Consider the three critical factors necessary for ANY successful design project.

– The Client and Interior Designer/Decorator rely on and trust one another before, during and after project.
– The Client and Interior Designer/Decorator communicate WELL with one another before, during and after project.
– The Client and Interior Designer/Decorator work together as a team.

The Perfect Interior Designer/Decorator for Your Project!

Contrary to what you may believe, the best interior designer/decorator isn’t the one with the most experience, number of degrees, honors/awards or accolades. The BEST interior design/decorator is the one that YOU (client) can trust, rely on and communicate with most easily.

Our experience has found common characteristics with OUR happy clients. We are MOST successful when working with clients who aren’t afraid to use color in their home, work in corporate/professional environments, (usually mid-level managers and higher) and are tech savvy (own and use smart phone). If these resonate with you, keep reading!

What You Can Expect from ra reDoes rooms

How We Work With Our Clients

1. We start with a phone discussion with a prospective client about the project, to understand scope, deadlines, and budget expectations. We will ask about prospective client’s goals – more functional, more spacious, new furniture, etc.

2. We may schedule an introductory meeting, away from prospective client’s home or project location, to meet in person and learn about one another before delving into the project. We always ask prospective clients bring pictures of favorite or desired rooms to get a sense of the new client. Come prepared to answer questions about YOU, how decisions are made (especially important for couples), expected budget and desired outcome.

3. We will then visit the room in the home and conduct a walk through the space to understand needs and the scope of the project. After this visit, a proposal is sent, outlining the scope of work and fees associated with the project. Once the contract is agreed upon and signed, design will officially begin.


Don’t be afraid! We don’t do hourly billing or collect half payment at the beginning and payment at the end. We require a monthly retainer for design and implementation work – which varies from the size of the project. Most projects start at $500 a month and will increase from there, depending upon scope of work, timeline and expected hours. We have found this to be the easiest way to work with our clients. Products can be purchased either through us directly or the retailers, it just depends upon the product.

If this sounds good, contact us to get started!

Roslyn Ashford is a very gifted designer; she is expert at weaving together the client’s vision, ordinary objects and a few new pieces and creating the most extraordinary space – plus she’s a pleasure to work with.  You can’t ask for more than that! ~Penny Daniels of 3dcommunications